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=> Why do we charge for this small fee? Asking 20 bucks means you are serious about earning money (good bye tire kickers) and pays for my time to create your affiliate site, to code and test it properly.

Most places charge hundreds of dollars or more for this service. This is a site I host for free for you as well (free bandwidth for you). I will create your site in 24 hours or less and with your chosen url.

For example here is an affiliate website:

The bold part of the url above is our root website. The part after the php is the word or words you can choose for your affiliate site. It can be almost any word or phrase you want, hopefully something related to you and your aqua pass time.

3. Test & Launch – here we test the site to make sure it will generate income for you. Once it is live all you have to do is promote the page using the techniques we will teach you and or your own traffic.