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Article Submissions

“Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention.”

If you would like to write us an article the below list helps us immensely when it comes to placement into the magazine. 

1.a 800 to 2000 words on a Microsoft Word, Open Office or Text Document (which is Notepad). You can also use Google Documents with download capabilities. If you go over 2000 words we are good with that too.

1.b We do not accept documents written from Macintosh computers. If you wish to send us something off a Mac then just copy and paste the article into a regular E-Mail letter and send to us this way. You can either place the photographs as attachments to the E-Mail or link to Google Drive or other similar photo storage system. Link the pictures for us to download.

2. 6 to 8 good photographs of your project. A 300 dpi sized pixel is preferred for people who want to have a printed version of the magazine. (The images should belong to you or they will need to be from the public domain or royalty free)

3. A general list of parts you used if you put an Aquaponics or hydroponics system together. You would be surprised how many people love all the details.

4. Time on your project /system and recommendations to other people to help with their growing projects.

5. One to two links to a website, Facebook page, Blog page or YouTube.

6. A small BIO about you or your company. Attach a photograph or company logo if possible.

7. A small photograph of yourself if you want to add that as well. It is not essential but people love putting faces to names and articles.

We need your articles sent in by the 30th of each month (the latest time allowed would be sent by the 3rd of each month) because of formatting time constraints. If we do not receive your article by the 5th it will then be placed into the following months magazine. Our Magazine is released on the 10th of each month.

Please send everything to

Why We Prefer YOUR Personally Created Articles

The ASC Magazine receives requests all the time from people wanting US to write their stories for them. Their idea is to hand us a few pics and we write up the story; well that’s not exactly how we work and there is a very good reason why.

One of the biggest complaints we have heard from businesses about a local newspaper article they may have appeared in are these concerns  “my comments were taken out of context” or “I don’t remember saying that in the article.”  We believe your story should be read exactly as you want people to read it and why writing the article yourself is very important. The only thing we do is correct grammar and possibly sentence structure, otherwise it’s all your article.

We can write your story for you, but it will not have the same passion as you will be able to tell your story. Nor will you get your point across the way you wanted it made. It’s YOUR passion so loving what you’re doing is what people seek out in the magazine.

We also use white paper studies in the magazine along with homegrown ideas. The readers love it and we receive compliments all the time from people. The magazine was founded on people, growing food, backyard tinkering and college reports.

The ASC Magazine is dedicated to introducing new growers, farmers and aquapons to other members of YOUR local communities. It is about putting YOU in the spotlight and that’s what makes us unique and different. By writing your story you are showing communities what is possible and how others can have the same results. People can learn from your highs and lows. Each person who writes their story becomes an educator for beginners to learn from. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us!

Our magazine is also about science, university studies, technology and white papers. This is why we have decided to also become a trade publication so teachers and students can share articles with us. We believe in giving people a well rounded view of all perspectives in growing, learning and teaching. So if you have a white paper on agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, sustainability or animal husbandry you would like to share with the readers, then pass it along and we will publish it.

Write us an article about an experience YOU had with aquaponics, hydroponics, gardening, herbs, cooking, canning, raising animals, chickens and bees, creative ways to re-cycle, Co-Operatives, self-sufficiency, permaculture, wind turbines, solar panels, lighting, inventions, survival and anything else that can be of benefit to our community to learn about. Actually anything YOU feel can benefit the ASC readers. Our readers do write in and ask for certain stories so they too can learn.

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