How We Helped Our Autistic Son

Disclaimer: **By NO MEANS do we encourage people to break Federal or State laws. There are numerous USA states now allowing people to grow cannabis at home. Please look at the  medical marijuana website for more information on the laws in your state and how many plants you are allowed to grow. Be smart and stay within the regulated guidelines.**

For years now we have listened as people have called us crazy, demented, confused, ridiculous and naive. We no longer see the point in responding to comments from those who think vaccines cannot affect human beings. If history is to be a teacher of past events, the possibility still remains; documents can always be manipulated, medical science can label people crazy to save face and prominent careers can easily be ruined. Gov agencies love to endorse the Rx manufacturers who make vaccines and medications. You should be asking why they have favored these corporations over our innocent children? One answer which makes the most sense to me: PROFIT. Who cares who suffers when money is all that matters?

We Would Like You To Meet Our Son Hunter

Hunter putting together a small                       aquaponics system

Hunter is now 18 years old. He was born in 1999 when much of the controversy about thimerosal and vaccines started to come out. When he was 15 months old when I took him to the doctor for the MMR shot along with his other vaccines. I thought I was doing the right thing for him, I had no idea that his life would be forever altered.

Before he had the shot he was a happy baby, he laughed all the time and he was an absolute joy to be around. Within hours after the shot he had a fever of 103 F and his leg became extremely swollen. I took him to the hospital and told to the doctor “I think the vaccines made my son sick.” I was told it had to be an infection of some other type and it could not be directly related to shots. The doctor told me to give Hunter Tylenol and he would be fine. He wasn’t.

Two days passed and Hunter was rocking back and forth on the floor. I had to put pillows around him, so he wouldn’t hit his head. He was screaming, crying and scratching at his face; he couldn’t sleep and he had this spacey blank look when you talked to him. These behaviors went on for months and his father and I were at a loss as to what was happening to our baby.

As Hunter got older, his tantrums increased. We had problems teaching him things most kids eventually understand like potty training. He was always cranky, frustrated and he developed a fear of germs which included constantly washing his hands.

Mike and I dealt with unbelievable temper tantrums until Hunter was 12 years old. I remember having to hold him close to our bodies, so he wouldn’t hurt himself when he was this way.

Hunter also seemed to have more health issues than our other son. He had Roseola around the age of 3 and back to the hospital with another 103 temp along with a seizure this time. Roseola is a human herpes virus type 6 (HHV-6).

Anytime I asked the doctor about Hunter’s behavior I was told it was perfectly normal at his age. I had already been a mother 3 times before, so I knew what was normal for a toddler and Hunter wasn’t acting like other children. I started researching the medical facts, statistics and personal stories about vaccine reactions. I found out my story was not unlike other parents who all felt the same way I did. This is also when I found out Mercury (Thimerosal is approximately 50% mercury by weight) was in the vaccines. Thimerosal is used as preservative to extend the shelf life of the product. Hunter had his MMR shot in the year 2000 and by 2001 it was decided to remove Thimerosal from children’s vaccines.

Rulings in cases testing MMR/thimerosal-autism link
The assigned Special Masters of the United States Court of Federal Claims filed decisions on February 12, 2009 in the three test cases that allege MMR vaccines and thimerosal-containing vaccines can combine to cause autism. The three cases are Cedillo v. HHS, Hazlehurst v. HHS, and Snyder v. HHS. (02-2009)

Hunter 15 years old

When Hunter was about 3 years old, he began to create childhood characters. One of the ways close siblings of autistics can communicate, is through their own language. There is only 11 months difference between Hunter and Ryan so they were pretty close.

Ryan communicated with Hunter through little made up characters they created together. These were completely comical and fun little creatures Hunter created from his mind and projected them into virtual life. The boys had a language, sounds and hand motions they communicated through these characters. Mike and I thought at one time the characters would make a great kids cartoon because each little character had their own personality and different way of doing things.

The Toddler Years

At 3 years Hunter developed physical behaviors such as finger flicking, head tilting, jaw movements, guttural sounds and pacing the floor. He couldn’t look at people in when they spoke to him and most of the time he just wandered off or back to the space in his head. When Hunter did speak it came out like some sort of drone robot, with no emotion or expression.

If you asked for a hug, he would sort of go through the motions but that was it. We had to wrap his arms around us as he buried his head in a down position. He couldn’t handle the social interaction at school with other children. I had the school constantly calling me about Hunter’s tantrums and believe me the school system is overwhelmed with autism now and they have no real knowledge of how to deal with these kids. They wanted to know why he wasn’t on medication to calm him down and asked me if I had considered putting him on Ritalin. There was no way we were going to give our son a medication that would make him an addict as an adult. Seriously folks we have to be smarter than just using Rx Medications as a treatment for every little problem we face.

We decided to take Hunter out of the school system and home schooled him. He began to somewhat calm down mainly because he wasn’t being bullied and picked on at school anymore. We also detoxed his body, reset his gut bacteria, started him on a diet based in nutrition and we gave him CBD Cannabis oil. We put him in nature so he explore and learn more about the things he was really good at. Living in the mountains has been very healing for our son and Hunter is quite the gardener when he decides to let it flow from him.

Over time Hunter had more conversations with us and we saw big improvements in his behavior. He is actually responsible for my interest in aquaponics because I wanted to find a way to feed our family healthier foods that didn’t include being sprayed with chemicals like glyphosate.

The Hidden Genius

In the sketched drawing above; Hunter informs us this is a dimensional concept he saw in his head. There is some sort of creation factor going on here he was 7 years old when he drew this.

High functioning autistics can do some of the most amazing things. Sometimes they blow your mind with facts, sketches and thinking. Other times you can’t get them to focus on simple tasks.

Hunter was tested when he was in Kindergarten. The school had noticed our son was having problems being around the other children and asked for permission to test him in a few different areas. He scored off the charts in testing related to intelligence. He was in the top 8% for visual acuity, spatial and 3 dimensional thinking.

By the time Hunter was eight, he was drawing star systems and learning all there was to know about the Universe. He can tell you about the gases that make up the colors in newly formed stars, dwarf stars and will run off fact after fact. He still spends hours looking at the stars through his telescope as it brings him peace.

I’m pretty sure Hunter is one of the most informed people on this planet, regarding the cosmos and it’s workings. He says to ask him any question about the universe and he will have the answer 95% of the time. He also creates online games for kids to play. He develops scenes, background, characters and rules all from scratch. We have been blown away with the detail, the characters he invents, game events and the way he puts everything together. It’s genius. I’m really hoping Hunter will start creating his Disgusting Babies Creations again because they are really cool little characters and I’m pretty sure millions of kids would love to meet them.

From Hunter’s Desk: “I love the cosmos, and anything related to it. They are just inanimate balls of rock and hydrogen in the sky, or giant clouds of solar gases, but I do love them. Go ahead, ask me ANYTHING about space. I am guaranteed a 95% chance to give a correct answer. I even have a ginormous telescope I keep in my room! I do like to create things. I spend most of my time playing creation games, god-games, drawing, and messing around with engine software. My imagination is unquenchable and I’m constantly creating new things.” -Hunter Kelley

When Hunter was eight he carved a tile out for a school project. His tile is the black one in the upper left hand corner. He had never seen the Star Matrix from the Nazca Plains in Peru before yet that is what he carved out with energy swirls in each corner.

About That Tile

Our family didn’t know anything about Nazca until we received something from Victoria’s grandfather in the mail. When Hunter carved the tile, approximately 2 weeks later we received a package from Granddad. The folder included a photograph taken from the air of the Nazca star pattern. See the green image in the bottom left hand corner collage. Nazca:

Hunter told us he saw the design in his head and just carved it out on the tile. When we showed Hunter the Star Matrix from Peru, he immediately told me that particular pattern wasn’t complete but his tile was. According to Hunter the corners of the matrix were missing the crucial energy designs, that are needed to make the star work properly.

He also told us the codes were missing, which he filled in around his tile and it looks like ancient script. Mike and I stood there with our mouths open, as our eight year old son schooled his parents in dimensional concepts relating to energy fields. This is the way Hunter’s mind works and it’s pretty amazing. While he is a genius in certain areas (universe, space and time), he cannot comprehend simple tasks most of us take for granted everyday. Social interaction for many autistics is extremely hard because they are sensitive to sounds, strange people and even speech can be a problem for them. So for Hunter to attend Junior College this year, it’s a huge step forward and  he is determined to conquer his social fears. Most people never consider what it is like to walk in the shoes of an autistic person, unless you have someone in your family who lives it everyday.

Other Famous Autistics: When Einstein was small he also had many problems with school and verbalization but he turned out to be a brilliant scientist anyway. We bought a book for Hunter to read about the life of Einstein and it became one of his most prized books. Other famous autistics: Thomas Jefferson, Mozart, Lewis Carroll, Tim Burton and Dan Aykroyd.

Cannabis Oil Can Treat Autism

Scientists at Stanford and UC Irvine have found that the active ingredients in cannabis, cannabinoids, are indicated in the treatment of autism-linked mutations and Fragile-X syndrome. The Stanford study found the endocannabinoid system (which is the body’s natural cannabinoid system), was disrupted in autistics. Cannabis oil actually helps the body correct itself, so watching your child do and say things he didn’t do before is amazing to me. You can read More about this here: Medical Cannabis Treats Autism and take a look at the Autism Speaks Site in regards to Hemp Oil.

This medical study from December 2013 shows parents who allowed their children to use CBD cannabis oil to treat autism showed these results: “19 parents reported a reduction in their child’s seizure frequency while taking cannabidiol-enriched cannabis. Of these, two (11%) reported complete seizure freedom, eight (42%) reported a greater than 80% reduction in seizure frequency, and six (32%) reported a 25-60% seizure reduction. Other beneficial effects included increased alertness, better mood, and improved sleep.”

There is also a problem with regular sleep and Autism. The CBD Cannabis oil has helped Hunter have better sleeping patterns and calms his mind. We still encourage his afternoon naps which he will do more often than not. We find our son functions better by combining more sleep, eating healthy foods and using the CBD Oil all together. So if your child feels they need more sleep, let them have as much as they can get, their bodies need it. Source:

In the video below, it shows the difference before and after when using CBD Cannabis Oil on children with autism, seizures and other neurological problems. The difference is nothing short of a miracle.

Other Case Studies Using Cannabis Oil:

Debbie Wilson was struck by a delivery truck over 22 years ago. Her injuries included Traumatic brain injury symptoms including forgetfulness, migraines, nightmares, time distortion, depression, paranoia, anxiety, and balance problems. She tried Rx drugs to help improve her condition but found (22% CBD and 1% THC oil) Cannabis oil was the one natural treatment that worked. You can read more about Debbie’s recovery here:

The Tel Aviv University in Israel published an article back in July of 2014 about the restorative properties of Cannabis Oil, “A single ultralow dose of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC; 0.002 mg/kg, three to four orders of magnitude lower than the conventional doses) protects the brain from different insults that cause cognitive deficits.”

We Decided To Try Cannabis Oil On Hunter to help with concentration levels, to remember what he was saying without going blank, putting words and sentences together without stumbling and to help his emotional well being. Our family uses cannabis for numerous different health reasons and we are not ashamed to say that either.

We give our son CBD Cannabis oil up to 5 times a week and below is a list of improvements we have seen in our son:

  • Hunter smiles more
  • He hugs us
  • We can talk to our son and have conversations with him
  • He doesn’t flick his fingers anymore
  • His pacing has really calmed down
  • When he feels stressed around people he knows it’s OK to take a break
  • However the improvements our son has made socially and emotionally is nothing short of a miracle.
  • He is now going  to community college and that makes Mike and I extremely happy. Hunter is getting better.

I am here to tell you that CBD Cannabis Oil can work for kids who really need it. As you can see from the photographs on the left, Hunter is now smiling and even putting aquaponic systems together. He is very shy so these pictures of him are extremely rare.

Aquaponics seems to be very therapeutic for our son, even though like most teenagers he does have independent thoughts and opinions about being outside and gardening. My husband Mike has a degree in Psychology and he agrees, introducing Hunter to aquaponics was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Now Hunter sometimes educates me on plant disease and bugs. I actually love that he is a walking encyclopedia full of facts.

The biggest problem with legalizing cannabis worldwide belongs on the shoulders of the pharmaceutical companies. They are the ones lobbying against it’s legalization but yet behind the scenes, they take this herb and create cancer medications. It’s such a scam and one more people should feel annoyed about.

There are amazing cures that do not involve Rx Medications, radiation or chemotherapy available to humanity and restricted because of ridiculous laws that were only created in the first place purely for profiting purposes.

See CBD patents.

The ASC Trade Publication is also a big supporter of the Age Of Autism Website. Our son was featured in a story about his struggles with autism and how aquaponics can help millions of children – adults just like Hunter. We have found it to be a calming therapy and it could be a real breakthrough to help so many people. If you would like to learn more about the autism epidemic and our son’s story please click on the link. Article Source:

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