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The single most important thing to ANY Aquaponics system is the health of your fish! Almost everyone has issues with their fish at one time or another; problems and LARGE FISH DIE OFFS are COMMON if you are not informed and this is the number one reason people LEAVE Aquaponics in disgust.


Yet if you know the well researched secrets in these guides, fish care can be like child’s play; and make NO mistake. you NEED this information. Novice or expert alike, even seasoned pros can benefit from these guides.

The Essential Fish Care In Aquaponics has been a TOP SELLER on Amazon for several years now. Heralded as one of the best fish care guides, Victoria explores many topics that are critical for success with proper fish care. Now she has updated this guide ever further, taking information from over 3 years of experts who have reported to the ASC Magazine. This information is ONLY available here – (Version 2.0 is NOT available anywhere but here) and is the most up to date ebook you can get on fish care. Topics include:


Discover The BEST FISH For Your System

Learn Exactly How To Care For ALL Fish

How To Deal With Sick Fish & Recover Them

How To Understand Bacteria And Use It

The Best Tactics, Tips And Advice For Fish Care

Covers All The Major Fish Used In Aquaponics

Understanding PH The Right Way

Know What You Should Feed Your Fish

Easy To Read And Understand Guide


This is the most up to date version (2.0) and NOT available anywhere else!

As Aquaponics becomes more popular with gardeners and enthusiasts everywhere, basic fish health and proper care can be overlooked. Much of this is largely due to not enough knowledge about fish needs, requirements and living conditions that complement fish growth and essential health. 

This guide is designed to give the beginner and mid-range Aquaponic grower a good foundation in providing the best possible care to their fish and how to to it easily. All those important questions people ask about raising fish in Aquaponic systems can be answered in the Essential Fish Care Book.

These living, breathing creatures will provide a healthy source of protein at the dinner table, if we take good care of their needs first.This information is CRITICAL to prevent fish die offs, diseases and what to do if any of these things happen. Don’t take chances! 

One of the most important things to learn in Aquaculture is proper aquarium / tank and fish care. Yet few beginners and even most pros know everything in this guide. When we put this together we took existing information and expanded on it, using our unique experiences as well 

The Basics Of Aquariums & Starter Fish
Freshwater Fish, Salt Water Fish

Top Fish Care and Aquarium Tips You Need

Goldfish / Tilapia – Are They A Good Starter Fish?

The Right Tank For Starters


The Best Tactics, Tips And Advice For Fish Care

Multiple Species, Exotic Fish, Marine Care

Tropical Fresh Water, Multiple Species

Understanding PH And All Types Of Gear

What Fish Need In A Tank, Water Quality Is King.

Step by step tactical guide that is 48 chapters that covers almost everything you need to know about fish, aquariums and fish care

How to 
finally take EXCELLENT care of ANY Aquarium fish 
You can finally master some of the best aquaculture techniques like a seasoned pro! We explore the very best information from the ASC Magazine and what we reveal will forever change the way you look at your fish. Remember the ASC Magazine has had some of the best aquarium experts over the years so we include EVERYTHING you need to keep crystal clear water, happy and healthy fish. 

Water Quality FULLY Explained – One of the BIGGEST stumbling blocks for aquarium Enthusiasts is how to maintain excellent water quality. Here is how to keep up on EVERYTHING you MUST do if you want your fish to thrive.

Setting up the BEST aquarium of your LIFE – You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about the right kind of tank, equipment, fish, heater(s), filtration systems (we even explore the BEST filtration systems in the world) and so much more! 

The BEST Fish Care – PERIOD. –The best fish care is not what most people think. In this guide we fully explore what some of the TOP MINDS are saying, including top universities. Learn tried and true fish care tactics from the real experts.

And a Lot More…

Plus Order Today And I Will Include This Additional Bonus:

Finally a complete fish care checklist! If you want to get started right away now you can simply follow the directions and steps here. Don’t guess! Use the ASC Fish Care Checklist To GUARANTEE you never forget what to do for the best fish care possible.


My guides, “The Essential Fish Care In Aquaponics 2.0” and  the guide “The Complete Aquarium & Fish Care Guide” are just a few clicks away!. Both guides are 100% downloadable, so you can be devouring all of these the secrets in just a short time; and no need to wait for your guides to be shipped! They are PDF’s or electronic downloads and you will be redirected to the download page as soon as your purchase is made.)

How much is your time worth? $25/hour?$50/hour? More? These guides will save you countless hours of work figuring these tactics and secrets out on your own; this will help you save a fortune on buying the right equipment, fish and other expenses related to fish care, especially if you are uncertain.

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